Lesson 4 Setting up your Bitcoin wallet with Exodus


Setting up your bitcoin wallet with Exodus

Now that you know how to get bitcoin, you will need a bitcoin wallet to store bitcoins that you buy. Exodus has an excellent wallet that is easy to use. Once you buy bitcoin (USD to Bitcoin), you should send your bitcoins to a secure wallet.

Go to https://www.exodus.io

Click “Download”

Open an account and get $10 of bitcoin when you buy $100 or more bitcoin!

There are 3 choices, Windows, Mac and Linux.

After the download is completed, open the file to start installation. CLICK OK to confirm.

Open the wallet. Click on Portfolio, not all coins are listed. You can change this by clicking on Settings>Assets> Select all the coins.

Choose the coins you want displayed.

Go back to Portfolio, and you will see all the coins that are supported

Receiving Bitcoins

Click on Wallet, and select the coin you want to receive. Click receive, A window will pop up showing a QR code and the public address underneath. You can click on the copy icon on the far left.

You will paste this address into the wallet you are sending from. Make sure there is an exact match by checking the first few letters and the last few letters. Then click send. The coins are now on their way to your Exodus wallet!

Sending Bitcoins from Exodus

Click on wallet and select the coin to want to send. Click send, A window will pop up. Copy the address you want to send to. If you are sending to an exchange such as Coinbase, open the wallet of the coin, and click receive and copy that address. Now paste into the send to address in Exodus, and fill in how much you want to send. Then click send and your coins are on their way!